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BH Bikes

In 1909 Cosme, Domingo and Juan Beistegui Albistegui created BH (Beistegui Hermanos) as a weapons manufacturer in Eibar, Spain, adding bicycles in 1923. In the early 1990s BH purchased Peugeot and co-owned Bianchi and Gitane. Team BH have won the Vuelta a España five times. Today, BH manufactures 200,000 bicycles a year.1)

BH continues today.

1957 BH
“Weapons and bicycle manufacture.”
1990 Catalog aria-eibar

1983 Running Bull

A slightly evolved BMX. Many all-steel components made by BH in Spain. A Sachs Huret Eco 2) derailleur (1978). 39.6 pounds.

Named after the famous test of bravado in nearby Pamplona. Boldness would be required to ride this bike down a steep hill.

1983 Running Bull
1983 Running Bull sanfermin

1984 Running Bull

From BH's 1984 catalog. No change except for a better chainring and ? derailleur. In fact, next year's 1985 catalog shows no improvement as they continue to market this as a mountain bike in a year where over 2,500,000 real mountain bikes would be sold world wide, but apparently not in Spain. See 1985 catalog.

1984 Running Bull
1984 Running Bull BH

1985 Running Bull

The date is a conjecture based upon the insistence that the Spanish Triplex rear derailleur is original (1985). 3),

Maillard 14-32 rear freewheel, BH brakes, toothpaste welds and an optional lever activated dynamo-bell. That's not a dynamo on the front wheel, but a cable actuated bell. Details at: sanfermin

Toothpaste Welds
Toothpaste welds.

1985 Running Bull
1985 Running Bull

1987 Force 12

The date is just a guess. Bullmoose handlebars, which weren't spec'd in 1988. 12 speeds. BH brakes. Unknown everything else.

1987 Force 12
1987 Force 12 milanuncios

1989 Supra Campagnolo Rally

Campagnolo Rally Racing (1987-9), including Campy Euclid “monoplanar ubrakes” (1989). Lugged frame with Columbus tubing.

1989 Supra
1989 Supra flickr

1990 Supra XC Comp

Now sporting SunTour XC Comp derailleurs (1990+), hubs, crankset, pedals, brakes, the whole group.

1990 Supra XC Comp
1990 Supra XC Comp bicinova2

1991 Supra Litage Sakae

Glued Al frame by Sakae Ringyo of Japan, internal cabling, SunTour XC. Snowflake lacing pattern is a decorative customer enhancement. No European components at all.

1991 Supra Litage Sakae
1991 Supra Litage Sakae

See info at: dbpedia & wikipedia.
“Eco” was short for economical.
Disraeligears states: “The Triplex CS is over-weight, has an out-dated design (the geometry of the 1971 Shimano Crane), nastily finished castings and horribly unfriendly adjustment screws. Highly undesirable.”
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