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Charlie Cunningham Overview

The word “revolutionary” is often paired with Charlie Cunningham: 1)

  1. 1st aluminum mt. bike
  2. 1st tubular forks
  3. 1st 135mm rear hub
  4. 1st mt. bike tire treads
  5. 1st grease guard bearing system
  6. 1st roller cam brakes

Despite his overall small output, his footprint remains large. Click here for a gallery of all his bikes.

Charlie founded Wilderness Trail Bikes in 1982 with Steve Potts and Mark Slate, which continues to be a successful components supplier.

Charlie Cunningham's Workshop Bicycle Quarterly


The world's first aluminum mountain bike. Finished in 1978.
1978 CCPROTO SFO Museum

1981 Indian
1981 Indian vintagemtbworkshop

1982 Blu-Ner

Has a “Cuningham-O-Potts” sticker on the fork. Serial #22. See more pics.

1982 Blu-Ner oldschoolmtb

1983 Indian
1983 Indian vintagemtbworkshop

1985 Big Red

1985 Big Red oldschoolmtb

1986 Indian

1986 Indian mtbr

Production Notes

[1]. Produced 178 aluminum mt. bikes from 1979 → 1993. About 12/year. See: Jacquie Phelan's Weblog

[2]. Second batch of bikes didn't arrive until 1981. See: Vintage Mountain Bike Workshop

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