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Cook Brothers Overview

Craig and Gary Cook made some of the finest BMX parts and bicycles from 1972 → 1992 1). Joe Breeze sourced Cook Bros. forks on his early Breezers 2)


Craig and Gary Cook
Craig and Gary Cook

1978 Cruiser

Pure BMX/26“ cruiser. Derailleurs are added a little later and this cruiser probably doesn't belong in the timeline, except to show the progression of BMX to MTB as riders converted cruisers & klunkers to offroad machines. Cruisers like this weren't raced down repack but were quite capable. Serial #314, SunTour V GT Luxe (1977-82), looptail frame.

1978 Cook Brothers
1978 Cruiser socketcycles

1979 Cook Bros. Mountain Bike

The Cook Bros. first real mountain bike is clearly a converted BMX racing cruiser with decent gearing and some quality components.

1979 Cook Brothers
1979 Cook Brothers mmbhof

1980 Cook Bros. Racing Cruiser

Steve Cook's3) personal “racing” cruiser, which he modified, raced and used to inspire Steve to start a bike shop in Durango, CO. This is not a production mtb.

1980 Cook Brothers Racing Cruiser
1980 Cook Brothers Racing Cruiser radavist

1981 Cook Bros. Cruiser 26

Original sales receipts are attached to the bmxmuseum listing. Unknown derailleur (original?). At this point, Cook Bros. are not selling mountain bikes.

1981 Cook Brothers Cruiser 26
1981 Cook Brothers Cruiser 26 bmxmuseum

1982 Bonzo Fury

Campagnolo Rally 3550 (1982-83)
(On facebook, the owner admitted that this is a 1984 frame with 1982 parts.)

1982 Bonzo Fury
1982 Bonzo Fury

1983 Alpine

By 1983 they have a very nice mountain bike. Which seems to be incredibly rare.

1983 Alpine
1983 Alpine oldschoolmtb

1984 Bonzo Fury

Cook continue to make limited numbers of bikes through the mid-80's.

Note the unique uni-stem.

1984 Bonzo Fury
1984 Bonzo Fury facebook

1985 Bonzo Fury

Only 10 were made in 1985. The derailleur is from 1987 and the decals are not original - so it's been restored. Cook hubs.

1985 Bonzo Fury
1985 Bonzo Fury velocult

Production Notes

[1]. Production is a complete mystery.

No relation to the Cook Bros
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