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Mountain Goat Overview

Jeff Lindsay started with road racing with Gary Fisher which led to building road frames in 1972 followed by high quality mountain bikes starting in 1981.

Mountain Goats were never cheap 1) and today can command $10,000 and up for the best artistic creations.

Mountain Goat would become known for some of the most elegant fillet-brazed frames with the most exotic paint jobs. vintagemtbworkshop

Jeff Lindsay
Jeff Lindsay mmbhof

1981 Bike #1

Drum brakes!

According to Dean Bradley, this bike was exhibited at the 1980 Long Beach Bike Show. However, other sources state this as 1981.

1981 pre-Mountain Goat
1981 pre-Mountain Goat facebook

1982 Mountain Goat

From the beginning, Mountain Goats would always be built with the highest level of craftsmanship and art. The obsession with artistic detail would be their brand.

1983 Deluxe

Detail shot only - note the crown details.

1983 crown detail
1983 crown detailmombat

1984 Whiskeytown Racer

1984 Whiskeytown Racer
1984 Whiskeytown Racer mombat

1985 Deluxe

1985 Deluxe
1985 Deluxe theproscloset

1987 Whiskeytown Racer

“Smoke” paint job.

1987 Whiskeytown Racer
1987 Whiskeytown Racer mombat

1989 Deluxe

NEON.. This is likely the same as this mombat bike, which has a full description of the bike.

1989 Deluxe
1989 Deluxe mombat

Each piece is a unique artistic creation. And you can ride them!

The last pic is a modern example from MadeRad, painted on a Canondale fixie, just to show that bike art is alive and well.

Headtube Badge facebook

Kingsnake facebook

Colorful pinterest

California Yuppie
California Yuppie facebook

Unicorn Vomit
Unicorn Vomit maderad
Not a Mt. Goat

Production Notes

[1]. Probably less than 30 frames by 1983. mombat. The Jan. 1982 catalog is complete, so business must have been productive. cbklunkers

[2]. About 40 mountain bikes frames per year: “By June of 1987, [Jeff] made 100 racing frames, 75 touring frames, 250 mountain frames and 8 tandems.”

$1,055 in 1983 mtbr
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