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Longus Bicycles

Paul Lange & Co. was started by Paul and Fernanda Lange in 1949, in Stuttgart, Germany as a reseller of French and German bike parts. In 1967 they started an exclusive Shimano distributorship for Austria and Germany. In the early 80's Paul Lange & Co. “set themselves up as a bicycle manufacturer to prove the merits of the mountain bike - the two models under the Longus brand are still familiar to insiders. ”1) In 19842) the Longus brand was born and Paul Lange & Co. imported mountain bikes from Japan3), followed later by touring and town bikes. Fernanda & Paul have since passed away, leaving the company to their children and more recently, their grandchildren. Today it remains a large supplier of bicycle components to much of Europe.


Fernanda und Paul Lange
Fernanda und Paul Lange instagram

1984 MTB

RD-AL11 (1984-86). Is this a 1984? The owner claims this, yet it's very similar to the following 1985 MTB model, except for different cranks, hubs, grips, tubing & stickers. Specialized touring triple crankset (1983-85) - which is an unusual component choice, even as a replacement.

1985 MTB

RD-AL11 (1984-86), slingshot stem, faux bi-plane forks, lugged frame, Shimano XT M700 shifters (1983-86), SR MTS-100 stem (1982-86)

1987 Competition I

Shimano XT RD-M531 (1987-88), slingshot stem.

1988 Competition I

Shimano XT RD-MT60 (1987-88)

1989 Comp 2000 Pro

Shimano XT M732 (1989)

1990 Comp 2000 Pro

Shimano XT M732 (1989)

1991 Leader LX

Shimano Deore LX (1990-92). Drop frame with extra seat post strut.

1992 Competition Hitech Pro

Al frame, Shimano XT M735 (1990-92). This differs from the Hitech debut in 1991 catalog with a fatter downtube and simpler stickers.

1993 Comp 2000 Pro

Shimano XT RD-M560 (1993-98)

Or is it 1985? There is not much information available about early Longus MTBs.
Most early example have “made in Japan” stickers.
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