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Mikado made bikes in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec, Canada and were sold exclusively in Quebec via a single La Cordée store in Montreal. The name suggests that frames were Japanese but the scant information available suggests that everything was made locally1). The Mikata brand changed names to Pelaquin in 1988 and was revived in 1996 when the name was resold to Procycle. info

The bicycles, coming only from a single shop, are very rare and no truly reliable examples with dates and provenance have been found.

Mikado ad
Le Devoir, Montreal newspaper, 19 May, 1983

1982 Brutus

No pictures at all.

Numerous sources list the Brutus as being the first Canadian mountain bike.2)

1983 Kamikaze

More Japanese naming. We need detailed pics of all of the frame stickers. Dual clamped bmx style handlebars. Odd head tube gusset. Rear derailleur cabling on top of the chainstay.

1983 Kamikaze
1983 Kamikaze mtbr

1984 Kamikaze

This pic has a repainted frame, so the components are suspect. SunTour AG Tech, 3), bullmoose bars, head tube frame gusset, rear derailleur cable originally above the chainstay and now prudently swapped below.

1984 Kamikaze
1984 Kamikaze

1985 Coureur des Bois

The name means "Runner of the woods". Rear derailleur cable now runs under the chainstay. Head tube gusset removed.

1985 Coureur des Bois
1985 Coureur de Bois (attribution missing)

Tariffs on whole bikes (not parts) were very high in the 1980s.
Most sources are in French, which may help evade attempts to find pictures.
An unknown variant of AG Tech. It looks like GTL (1985-6) but the cage pulley holder is different.
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