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Mountain biking was created by people: the racers, supporters, influencers, entrepreneurs, customers, personalities and not just the builders and brands which most of mtbtimeline focuses upon. The Mt. Biking Hall of Fame honors most who have been significant to the ongoing of story of mountain biking. This section of the timeline will try to visually show the people within timelines and by types or regions, such as early pioneers, racers, etc.

Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly, Repack organizer
photo by Wende Cragg mmbhof


Repack was the moment of genesis for the mountain bike. The group of friends in Marin who timed their downhill runs in the fall of 1976 quickly pulled in friends until the chain reaction of enthusiasm sustained a new industry.

See details at repack.

Repack Map
The Repack Course Map mmbhof

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