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Renegade Cycles is an “own store brand” supplied to various regional bicycle retail chains, including On Your Bike in the UK and others in the US, Canada and Germany. It appears to have started around 1982 in the UK 1) and quickly branched out to the US and then Canada. 2) It even has operated as recently as 2020 in Germany. 3) It's currently owned by On Your Bike Holdings, which also runs a few retail outlets ( which do not sell Renegades.

The model name “Renegade” has been used by Jamis, Air Bike, Jeep Bicycles, Specialized, AMF, Huffy, Regal, Ross, Nakamura, BH, Univega, Mongoose, Raleigh and at least another dozen brands. This makes finding authentic, vintage Renegade Cycles MTBs difficult.

On Your Bike
On Your Bike, East Grinstead, UK facebook

1983 Renegade

AG Tech (1981-83), TIG welded, socket fork, BMX bars, downtube logo, doubled cable guides, welded horizontal dropouts and hanger. Shop sticker for “The Clean Machine”, Carrboro, North Carolina, USA. 4). Made in Taiwan.

How is it that a UK brand first shows up in North Carolina?? There's another 1983 to be found in New Zealand. But not the UK…

1983 Renegade
1983 Renegade facebook

1984 Renegade II

Shimano Deore XT (v1) (1982-84), bullmoose bars, biplane Tange fork. 5)

1984 Renegade II
1984 Renegade II pedalroom

1985 Renegade

SunTour AG Tech GTL (1983-87), Socket fork, bullmoose bars, double cable guides, TIG welded, thin chainstays, welded dropouts (later ones are bolted).

1985 Renegade
1985 Renegade flickr

1986 Sierra

Shimano AG Tech GTL (1985-87), socket fork, bullmoose bars, cursive logo, lugged frame, seat stays attached on top of the seat cluster lug. Canadian.

1986 Sierra
1986 Sierra

1992 Sierra

Shimano Tourney (1989-1995). The date is a guess and no Renegades have been found in the interim 1987-1991. Lugged frame, Ontario, Canada shop decals.

1992 Sierra
1992 Sierra cycletransitions

Date guess based upon an early, and unique, Renegade road frame.
There's an online rumor that the Renegade was designed by Chas Roberts, a custom, low volume UK builder. This is very unlikely.
Here's a 2010 link: fahrradgigant. A Renegade has also been spotted on their website in the 2020's.
The Clean Machine still exists. link
An identical bike completely dates to 1983-84: bikeforums
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