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Lists of resources for mountain bike history.



Klunkerz: A Film About Mountain Bikes


bulgier: 100's of catalogs plus many pics
retrobike: 100's plus mag articles
velobase: Components and bikes Catalogs and vintage restoration tips.
mtb-kataloge: 100+ mtb catalogs from the 80's & 90's
goatsurfer: mtb & mtb parts catalogs from the 80's & 90's
proteanpaper: Howie Cohen's catalog collection. *dead link*
velo-pages: Lots of older, obscure European catalogs
kurtkaminer: Raleigh & Schwinn catalogs plus vintage restoration resources.
birota: snapshot of 100's of modern 1995-2010 catalogs.
issuu copy of mtb vco: 735+ modern MTB catalogs at last count. See also: mtb vco direct.1)
The Veteran-Cycle Club: Huge collection of old catalogues and brochures. Mostly German collection of katalogs and brochures.
cyclespeugot: Eclectic collection of mostly Japanese components and bike catalogs.


mtbr: Vintage, Retro, Classic
the cabe: Vintage Mountain Bikes
ratrodbikes: Klunkers & Mountain Bikes
Bike Forums: Classic & Vintage
retrobike: Retro MTB Chat
facebook group: Vintage Mountain Bike Collectors Society
facebook group: The Vintage Mountain Bike MTBs in Germany

Social Media

mmbhof instagram: More pics from the Marin Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
mombat instagram: Subset of

Auction Sites

Shops : lots of vintage mtb bikes & parts, with many excellent DIY repair/build videos of vintage mtbs.


Marin Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame
Mountain Bike Museum: Dutch MTB museum “The world's largest collection of vintage mountain bike.”
MOMBAT: Museum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology
velocult: A 2015 archive of defunct quality bike museum.
Australian Museum of Mountainbike

Charlie Kelly's Website
The Ritchey Project: A Database of Ritchey Mountain Bikes and Historical Information2)
oldschoolracing: Detailed mt, bike collection, in German. Mt. bike collection by someone who knows web design.
The Pros Closet: High value mt bike collection. Collection associated with MOMBAT. French collection with excellent summaries. See google translation.
Allanti archive: Who make's whose bikes, with links.
Shimano Index: A timeline of 100 Shimano components.
Shimano MTB Groupset Chart: A timeline of Shimano MTB components.
Sheldon Brown: the definitive guide to all things bicycle.
Mombat Timeline: Mombat's timeline of bikes & components. There ain't no such thing as a dead link.
Vintage Trek: Dating components.
mountainbikeroots: Early mtb race results and pics.
bikeforums: Asian Serial Number Guide
vintage trek: Component serial number guide
bikepro: 1996 snapshot of the best online bike store that ever was3). Plus a comprehensive compendium of bike part information.
retrobikes: Shimano groupset timeline “The world's largest database of mountain bikes”. Full specs on all new MTBs since 2012.

In general, issuu is a good place to find modern catalogs from the year 2000+
The Ritchey Project web site has many dead links. An older archive of it has much of the missing information: oldmountainbikes
BikePro was even better in person, with numerous checkout aisles, shopping carts and baskets.
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