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Jeffrey Richman Overview

Jeffrey Richman's output is so small that he wouldn't normally been included in this timeline, except for his connections to the birth of mountain biking. Before Tom Ritchey delivered his first frames to Kelly & Fisher, Jeff Richman was asked by Fisher to make three mountain bikes. Jeff delivered a few weeks after Ritchey and his bikes are now lost to history.

“Before it became obvious that Tom Ritchey could make more bikes than any four or five other people, Gary shopped the project to Jeffrey Richman, who made a couple of bikes that went to a married couple.” Charles Kelly Mountain Bike Reviews Forum

Jeff continued to make occasional road and mountain bikes. His total output is unknown.

Jeffrey Richman
Jeffrey Richman mtbr

1979 Jeffrey Richman

One of the very first 10 true mountain bikes.

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A 1979 Richman at Crested Butte, September 1979.
Photo by Wende Cragg theradavist

1988 Bike

Purchased in Dec 1988 from The Bike Peddler in Santa Rosa, CA.1) All non-original parts: Shimano XT M730 (1987-88) gruppo, Bontrager forks.

1988 Bike
Restored 1988 JR. facebook

Production Notes

[1]. Produced 3 bikes in Spring of 1979 The Fat-Tire Flyer by Charlie Kelly . Page 93.

[2]. Jeffrey Richman continued to produce a limited number of custom mountain bikes.

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