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Schauff Overview

Schauff was the first to manufacturer mountain bikes in Germany in 1981 1). Starting with the Landcruiser, of which almost no information can be found 2) and then quickly followed by the Alpin.

Johannes C. Schauff, a member of a noted bike industry family in Germany, died Sept. 23 at 83. The Schauff name was perhaps best known in the U.S. during the 1970s bike boom, when the company exported thousands of its 10-speed bikes to the U.S. Johannes Schauff also was heavily involved in the growth of BMX in Europe and brought BMX brands including Kuwahara and Race Inc. to Europe. 2016 obit: bicycleretailer

Hans Schauff
Hans Schauff bicycleretailer

1981 Alpin

The Schauff website proudly displays its first mountain bike only with a tiny image, shown to the right. No other 1981 photos can be found.

1981 Alpin

1983 Alpin

Today, Schauff specializes in tandems and road racing and does not sell mountain bikes.

1983 Alpin

1984 Djungle

Schauff unchained. Light & bell for jungle exploration.

1984 Djungle

1985 Mt. Blanc

1985 Mt. Blanc
1985 Mt.

1986 Djungle Damen

“Jungle Lady.”

1986 Djungle Lady
1986 Djungle

1988 Himalaya

Other 1988 models included the Kaschmir and the Rocky Mountain. In 1991 these would morph into the Wild-Himalaya and the Wild-Rocky using elevated chain stays and ditching the chainstay u-brakes.

1988 Himalaya
1988 Himayala

1989 Himalaya

From 1989 → 1992, Himalaya's copied GT's triple triangle design.

1998 Himalaya
1989 Himayala

Production Notes

[1]. all unknown

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