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Speed & Research

Brad Stankey and partner 1) started Speed & Research in Bend, Oregon. 2)


1985 Catalog
1985 Catalog mtbr

1982 Outback Overlander

Original and mint. BMX inspired frame gussets, unique cable guides and no derailleur hangers built into the frame. And no logos. Other pics of S&R's do have logos on the down tube.

1982 Outback Overlander
1982 Outback Overlander mtbr

1983 Outback

Aluminum. Serial #14. Renthal bars, SE racing fork and drum brakes front and rear. That buried derailleur is a Shimano Deore XT M700 (1982-84.)

1983 Outback
1983 Outback facebook

1984 Outback Bushmaster

Aluminum! S&R also made a Outback Streetfighter 3)

1984 Outback Bushmaster
1984 Outback Bushmaster mtbr

Production Notes

[1]. no data

Info from the co-founder of S&R: mtbr
from their 1985 catalog: mtbr
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