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Bruiser Overview

Bruisers were first made in 1980 1) by Glenn Odell along with Ira Hughes and John McGill. Glenn's main interest was in promoting mountain bike races. He ran the Central Coast Clunker Classic from 1980 → 1983 and then was NORBA president from 1983 → 1986. Glenn stopped making Bruisers by the time NORBA took all of his attention. 2)

Glenn Odell
Glenn Odell mmbhof

1980 Bruiser

The owner claims it's a 1979, but the MMBHOF history on Glenn Odell states that he first made Bruisers in 1980. Certainly this example is older than the 1981 model, below, with older components, lack of cable braze ons and drum brakes both front & back. Shimano RD-6200 (600EX) - (1978-84). Stronglight 99 BIS drillium triple crankset. Note that this is the short cage rear derailleur, with a 26T capacity, and not the RD-6210 with a 35T capacity. This tortured derailleur could not possibly shift cleanly across all 15 gears.3)

1980 Bruiser facebook

1981 Bruiser

Drum still spec'd on the rear. Was that due to steel rims or simply klunker nostalgia?

Bruiser mombat

1982 Bruiser

Rear cantilevers installed.

1982 Bruiser
1982 Bruiser mombat

1981 Drum Brakes

Detail shot.

Drum brakes
Drum brakes mombat

Production Notes

[1]. only 20 bruisers made mtbr

[2]. only 4 or 5 cantilever Bruisers made oldschoolracing

Cross chaining large to large would likely tear the derailleur off - so it seems likely this isn't an original derailleur…
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