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Champion Racing Frames

Many existing BMX bike makers successfully transitioned to mountain bikes, such as Mongoose and Diamondback. Many more made the attempt and failed. Champion was one such, in whose failure there remains much DNA in today's mountain bikes.

Champion went from motorcycle to BMX in the 70's and either directly produced a few mountain bikes in the late 70's, or had customers adapting their frames into bmx style klunkers with gears. In 1978, the founder of Champion died and the brand was auctioned off to Redline Bicycles and was not actively developed.

Champion Racing Products
Champion Racing Products bmxsociety

1979 Squareback 26

Original 1979 custom build. SunTour AG Tech, Cook Bros. hubs, Triton bear traps and much very vintage parts, pre-mountain bike.

1979 Squareback 26
1979 Squareback 26 bmxmuseum

1980 Squareback 26

This example was created in 1980 by Richard Cunningham who would later found Mantis Bicycle Co. the next year.1). See also: Mantis

1980 Squareback 26
Personal build by Richard Cunningham bmxsociety

Terry Knight

Terry Knight worked for Champion until 1978 and then left to create the Lawwill-Knight Pro-Cruiser later that year.

1975 champion
1975 Champion bmxmuseum
Similar design DNA…

1978 Pro Cruiser
1978 Pro Cruisermombat

Production Notes

[1]. No info available.

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