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CW Racing

Roger Worsham started Coast Wheels bikes in 1979, in Yorba Linda, California, making BMX bikes branded with “Coast Wheels” and later switching branding to CW Racing in 1980. The brand survived until 1988, when it switched to Revcore after an investment from Hutch BMX. Roger insisted “CW” stood for “Custom Work” and not the name of the Coast Wheels which he simultaneously owned. CW Racing was very successful making BMX bicycles and BMX racing. CW Racing mountain bikes are quite rare and mostly unknown to the BMX community. As with many BMX manufacturers, stretching brands across low margin Taiwanese MTB imports did not prove profitable and about half of BMX brands abandoned the experiment before the end of the 80's.


1983 Phaze I frame
1983 Phaze I frame. pedalroom
If only the Breezer Lightning had a zig-zag frame. It's actually kinda cool…

Roger Worsham
Roger Worsham with unidentified Cocker Spaniel. ntlworld archive

1984 ATB

SunTour MounTech GTL (1982-83) front & rear derailleurs. 18 speeds. DiaCompe cantilever brakes. Catalog shot.

1984 ATB
1984 ATB photobucket

1985 City Bike

Shimano RD-AL11 (1984-86) front and rear. 12 speeds, bullmoose bars, socket forks.

1985 City Bike
1985 City Bike calibikes


SunTour MounTech GTL (1982-83) front & rear derailleurs, Shimano FC-B124 Crankset (1986-88). Hub brakes front and rear. Unicrown fork. Original owner claims 1984 purchase - but the paint scheme matches CS Racing's 1986 BMX bikes. The vintage rear derailleurs speak to an earlier build date, however.

1986 mtbr


Shimano XT M730 rear (1987-88), SunTour AG Tech front (1983-87), faux bi-plane forks.

1987 mtbr

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