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Fuji Bicycles

Founded in 1899 in Japan as Nichibei Fuji 1), an importer of American and English bicycles. 20 years later it started making its own bikes and by 1971 it became the first Japanese brand to sell in the US using its own name. Today, Fuji is owned by Advanced Sports and makes its bicycles in China and Taiwan. 2)3) See:

Fuji has catalogs!.

Fuji Poster
Fuji sells this poster: fujibikes 4)

1983 Mount Fuji Ltd

3×6 moderately low gearing. 30 pounds.

Mount Fuji Ltd
1983 Mount Fuji Ltd classicfuji

1984 Sundance

Nice wide gearing and lighter weight at 27.5 pounds The old Mt. Fuji (no longer Mount Fuji Ltd) continues with better gearing, bullmoose bars, wider tires and remains 2 1/2 more pounds than the Sundance.

1984 Sundance
1984 Sundance classicfuji

1985 Fuji Blvd Xc

“Ultra wide gearing” with cruiser tires. A decent hybrid at 31 pounds. The Sundance, Mt. Fuji and Mt. Fuji Ltd continue as before.

Blvd Xc Stem
Blvd Xc Stem Booty bikeforums

The Blvd XC came with a weird stem protector: a dust boot sort of rubber thing. Not quite a nard guard. 5)

Future Shock
Future Shock bespokecycling

Perhaps the boot was hiding Fuji advanced shock absorbing tech?

1985 Fuji Blvd Xc
1985 Fuji Blvd Xc bikeforums

Production Notes

[1]. ?

'Nichibei' translates as 'Japanese-American.'
Info from wikipedia and Classic Fuji
Advanced Sports was in turn acquired by the Tiger Capital Group in 2019, which then sold Fuji to BikeCo of Philadelphia in 2020, which also owns
But more interestingly: What kind of car is that? The 1950's curves say Aston Martin, but it's hard to pin down…
Can't resist:
  • nard guard n. used to prevent wang chung.
  • wang chung n. what you might get when your stem has no nard guard. See crotch-testing.
  • crotch-testing n. sudden impact between a male rider's private parts and something very hard and pointy, such as a handlebar stem or seat.
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