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The Kobe Company of Los Gatos, California, imported quality Japanese road and BMX bicycles starting in 1974 and very briefly branded a mountain bike for sale in 1983 only. The company dissolved immediately thereafter.

This brand has the shortest timeline of any mt. bike. Shorter than many brands stuck in the research phase. As it was a respected road and BMX brand, it's just an unfortunate coincidence that its first mountain bike appeared during its simultaneous demise. That said, there's precious little info available online, especially in the form of catalogs and brand photos.

The Kobe Company, of Los Gatos, California, just formed in 1974, has made their line very popular in the west.“ Gary Fisher, Bicycling!, Sept. 1976

1983 Cascade

An identical frame to the Lotus Pegasus. The Kobe to the right has been restored somewhat. The pre-restored bike is below. Shimano Deore XT front derailleur - but what is that rear derailleur??? velobase doesn't show anything similar for the 1980s - unless it isn't original. Most Kobe road bikes used SunTour.

1983 Cascade
1983 original Cascade mtbr

1983 Cascade
1983 Cascade reddit

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