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Maruishi Bicycles

Maruishi started in Japan ca. 1884/1909/1918 1). They imported many road and some mountain bikes to the US and undoubtedly made partnerships with existing US brands. They supposedly made bikes for Jamis in the early days, except that Jamis only imported fillet brazed and TIG welded frames, while Maruishi were all lugged. Other sources say Specialized. Further research required.

1905 postcard
1905 postcard japanwarart

1930s postcard
1930s postcard japanwarart

1982 Marusihi 26

1982 Maruishi 26
1982 Maruishi 26 bmxmuseum

1983 Mountace

1983 Mountace
1983 Mountace flickr

1984 Mountace MT15

1984 Mountace MT15
1984 Mountace MT15 bikeforums

1985 Mountace MT18

1985 Mountace MT18
1985 Mountace MT18 bikeforums

1986 Aggressor

Shimano Deore?, LX crankset? Dating is a guess.

1987 Aggressor
1987 Aggressor mtbr

1987 Challenger

Shimano RD-L525 Light Action SIS (1987-9)

1985 Challenger
1987 Challenger mtbr

1988 AT18

Shimano RD-L541 derailleur (1987-1989), u-brakes.

No Maruishi mountain bikes seem to have been produced after 1987/8. Today's Maruishi was re-formed in 2006 and does not sell a bike marketed as an off-road mountain bike.

1988 AT18
1988 AT18 bikeforums

Production Notes

[1]. no data

Date highly variable. Their current website says 1972. See:
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