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Mountain Bike Technology

Mountain bikes, with their new and demanding requirements, have driven much bicycling innovation. Or have they? As with most invention, it's not so much novel inventions but combinations of existing solutions and being first to market. The following will show the first use of new mountain biking tech and their origins.

button_disc.jpg←- disc brakes ←- front shocks button_rear.jpg←- rear shocks button_post.jpg←- dropper posts button_tires.jpg←- tires button_pedal.jpg←- pedals button_chain.jpg←- derailleurs nittobull.jpg←- handlebars button_pipe.jpg←- tubing

1891 Velocipede
1891 Velocipede bikeradar
Trailing link suspension front, Linkage driven low single pivot rear suspension. How modern is that?

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