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Donald Humphries co-founded The Touring Cyclist group of bike shops and touring company with Carol Boedeker in 1973 in the St. Louis area of Missouri. The Terranaut house brand sold alongside Fuji, Trek and Marukin. Starting in 1983, the Terranaut Wanderer MTB was introduced and it wouldn't be until 2005 that Terranaut branded another mountain bike, other than some near mtb hybrids.

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The Touring Cyclist Van
The Humphries family and touring company van. The three sons would later take over the business.

1983 Wanderer

Or is this a 1982?? 1983 was a common year for own-branding Japanese imports. MounTech GTL (1982-3) Japanese, lugged frame.

1983 Wanderer
1983 Wanderer flickr

1985 Wanderer

MounTech II GTL (1984-87). The Wanderer got a few component upgrades and no further Terranauts would venture off-road until 2005.

1985 Wanderer
1985 Wanderer st-louis-bicycle-works

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