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Bruce Gordon

Bruce Gordon was “a master maker of hand-built bicycle frames and designer of tires credited for inspiring new trends for cycling worldwide” 1). Bruce focused on building touring and road bicycles and only rarely made true mountain bikes. Those he did build have been fully documented with stories and videos, such is the reverence with which all his output has been treated.

One of his best sellers was his off-road 700c tires, which are still available on These are 700c tires manufactured by Bruce Gordon, designed by Joe Murray with inspiration from Finnish Hakkapeliitta tires 2)

Despite his small mountain bike output, his offroad tires, use of new mountain components, and design of custom offroad solutions have influenced bespoke builders since he start building bikes in 1974 until his passing in 2019.

1983 Mountain Bike

At the urging of Jim Merz, Bruce Gordon built his first mountain bike in 1983.

SunTour Superbe Tech GTL (1982-4), Mountain Goat fork crown, handmade bullmoose bars by Tom Ritchey.

1983 Mountain Bike
1983 Mountain Bike bruce gordon

1985 Mountain Bike

Shimano XT, Salsa Stem, SunTour RollerCam brakes

1985 Mountain Bike
1985 Mountain Bike bruce gordon

1986 Mountain Bike

Pink with brown splatter, to make it look like it's already spent the day offroad in mud. Gary Helfrich titanium stem. Non-original derailleurs. Originally outfiftted with Deore XT(2). 3)

1986 Mountain Bike
1986 Mountain Bike theproscloset

1987 Mountain Bike

Assuming some of the parts are period correct, then 1987 is a good guess for Shimano Deore XT M732 (1987). However, the linear pull brakes are Paul Moto-lites (2015), which are probably mounted on old cantilever posts. FC-M730 cranks (1986-93). Gordon MTBs are so rare it's nice just to find a slot to showcase this example.

1987 Mountain Bike
1985 Mountain Bike facebook

1988 Rock 'n Road

Only lugged Rock 'N Road in existence. August 1988 4) Obviously a cyclo-cross and not a true mountain bike - but offroad capable nontheless. Shimano XT, custom stem.

1988 Rock 'n Road
1988 Rock 'n Road bruce gordon

1990 Rock 'n Road

Marinovative Decelerator titanium v-brakes, Helfrich Ti stem, paint by Ed Litton. Despite the flat bars, this is a 700c cyclocross/mountain/touring hybrid, which can probably handle Repack at speed.

1990 Rock 'n Road
1990 Rock 'n Road bikerumor

1993 Rock 'n Road

Shimano XTR, Titanium frame, Paragon titanium chainrings, Dean Ti seatpost, RockShox Mag-21's with a custom crown to fit the 700c rims.

1993 Rock 'n Road
1993 Rock 'n Road bruce gordon


Bruce often customized older Cinelli lugs by cutting and drilling to update them. Some examples:

lug lug lug

Obituary from: petaluma360
Which were famously used on the 1979 Cleland Range Rider.
Read the bike's history at: theproscloset
See youtube documentary on this specific bike.
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